How to choose your Padel shoes?

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In every sport the choice of a good shoe is undoubtedly key to an enjoyable experience, the quality of our game and, most importantly, our safety as to prevent any injury. Padel is no exception and in many cases, misguided choices by trends, price, aesthetics or not carefully trying the shoes on, may lead us to purchasing a product that is not really suitable for us.

Other essential aspect we must consider when choosing Padel shoes are comfort and their functionality. This is given by the material or the type of the soles they are made with. The type of sole in particular, will determine greatly our mobility and adaptability to the types of surfaces we play on. This is specially relevant in Padel.

There are different types of surfaces in Padel courts. These vary from artificial grass, clay to solid concrete. However, in recent years it is more and more common to find courts with a carpet like artificial grass surface that is lightly covered with sand. This makes the choice of shoe to play with relatively easy but even amongst the shoes sold for playing in these types of courts, there are different types of soles that provide different performance.

We will classify the types of shoes that are presently in the market into three groups based on the type of sole they are manufactured with:

  • Omni Sole type (also known as OC, Omni Court or “dots sole”).
  • Herringbone sole: in it we can find different models such as clay or outdoor.
  • Mixed type sole: this is a combination of the two.


Omni Sole type
Zapatillas-padel-2 Suela Omni

According to experts and professionals a shoe must be primarily able to provide good grip to the track to provide traction as you start moving, a certain degree of slippage when you stretch on for long balls and lastly, allow you to make turns with ease to avoid any damage to the knee and ankle joints.

The Omni type sole is recognized by the “dots” that are marked in the sole. Considering the most common surface of a Padel court is an ​​artificial grass carpet, these characteristic “dots” or multipoint typically have enough depth not to slip when your initiate your run for a ball. This minimum tread depth is what makes this kind of shoe one of the most appropriate in the market.

This sole provides a better grip on the track, especially in eroded or torn off surfaces without enough sand. In contrast, this sole makes sliding more difficult which might be a problem when trying to reach long balls.

In short, the sole Omni or OC has the following characteristics:

  • Better lateral displacement.
  • Shorter duration.
  • Usually, lower price.
  • Recommended for tracks with less sand than usual.

These type of shoes have been made for many years by known brands such as Asics or Bullpadel.

PP store locatorThe Omni sole shoe is recommended for beginners or players who are getting started in the sport of Padel as well as for mid-level ones. These type of players often move more around the court to constantly correct their position in the track (as it is not always ideal) which translates into many abrupt movements.

The Herringbone sole

Another type of Padel shoe sole that is causing a boom commercially is the herringbone sole. We can find many models of this type of sole, including the clay or outdoor.

suela-espiga asics

The herringbone sole is easily recognizable by the set of parallel lines forming a Zig-Zag pattern. This type of sole comes from Tennis where is being used more routinely in the clay courts, but as more and more people have started to play Padel, this has meant also the transfer of this type of sole to Padel shoes.

As discussed previously when choosing a good shoe, it is essential to have good grip as well as some longer durability that our pocket will appreciate. Regarding the grip, this type of sole will allow us not to suffer excessive slippage when starting to move towards the ball.

k-swiss-Hypercourt HB sole

As for durability, the herringbone sole is generally made with several materials more resistant to abrasion that reduce the normal wear and tear of the sole, giving it another advantage over others.

American brand K-Swiss has also recently developed a variation of the herringbone sole which they have branded herringbone HB. This variation has a tighter pattern with a deeper groove specially designed for clay courts. The use of this type of sole in sandy Padel courts has started to become quite popular.



Zapatillas-padel-9In summary, taking into account the basic criteria to consider when choosing a shoe paddle (good grip, comfort, knee and ankle stability, durability …) the advantages and features of the herringbone outsole are:

• Longer life.

• Better slippage for reaching far away balls.

• Recommended for regular and advanced players (you will note professionals usually have this type of shoes).

• Bigger variety of models and prices.

• Recommended for tracks with a fair amount of sand.

PP store locatorThis type of shoes is quite recommended for courts with a lot of sand on the surface as it enables a better spin to reduce the stress on the entire knee joint. Whether due to fashion or its better performance in worn out, less sandy surfaces, the truth is that the herringbone shoe has started to be more popular than the Omni sole.

The Mixed sole

It is a mixture of the other two types of soles. It usually incorporates the Omni sole in the front inner part of the sole to provide better grip as we start our step. In the rest of the sole it uses a Spikelet pattern in order to facilitate sliding for reaching the fast balls.

Suela mixta Jhayber

As with every choice you make when buying sporting equipment, you should always start your selection process by thinking of your current level of play and your needs, and match that against the features that each equipment can give you. In this regard, shoes are no different and you should always think of what will add to your play to have an enjoyable and rewarding game.

How about you? What kind of shoes do you use when playing Padel? Do you just use normal sport shoes or have you chosen to buy some fit-for-purpose tennis or padel shoes? How did you choose them? Did you find this article helpful in choosing your current or next pair of shoes? Let us know via the voting below.

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